Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Isossy Children meets MK Kids Interiors

Here at Isossy Children we love to connect with interesting new services that keep the fashionable children who wear are clothes happy! What better way to make an Isossy Child happy than with a fabulous bedroom! Here we talk to Medina Sam about her business MK Kids Interiors
Medina Sam

What inspired you to start your business?

There are a number of things that inspired me to start my business MK Kids Interiors. The two most important factors were; my passion for seeing and spending time in beautiful spaces; and most importantly I strongly believe that we are to invest in children because they are tomorrow's leaders and a child's environment is conducive to their general well being. When you think of interior design, you think of everyone else except the children and I want to change that mentality.

What have been your favourite client experiences?

I design rooms that children love. Little Jaeden was two when I designed his room. I used a neutral colour as
a background adding colours with accessories. I also incorporated hexagonal storage which taught him a new shape and coloured numbers to teach him to identify colours and to count. I accessorised the wall above the bed with hanging monkeys, which he referred to as 'monkeys jumping on the bed'. Jaeden was home on the final day of installation and it was a STRUGGLE to keep him out of his room. As soon as he was allowed in, he did what any two year old would do to a room; in his excitement he got unto the bed and started jumping, he also took all the toys out of his storage box and spread them across the floor. He was too young to express his gratitude, however his actions proved he loved the room I designed for him.

What advice would you give to someone starting up in your industry?

I would encourage you to tell everyone you know about what you do, show off pictures of what you have done. Design your home and invite friends over for dinner. Use social media to your advantage such, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. Collaborate with suppliers of the industry, i.e. lighting designers, and furniture designers.

What are your long term goals?

To make a difference in the lives of children world wide through designing spaces that will stimulate them, enhance their learning and development, and exude confidence.

Isossy Children celebrates diversity through global clothing for children. Why do you think diversity matters for every generation?

It's imperative as an interior designer to address diverse needs, children are to be seen as individuals.
When designing rooms for children I take into account, their age, culture, religion, educational, physical or emotional requirements and incorporate the various needs into the scheme. Last year I designed a room for an autistic child. I chose a neutral colour scheme to calm him and ensured the lighting was subtle and that there were no busy patterns to distract him. He needed to be reminded of where things were kept so I incorporated labels and storage with images. He also had a keen interest in space and stars, I therefore designed a 'glow in the dark' wall featuring the constellations and their names.
Addressing diversity helps children thrive and reach their full potential.

What words of wisdom do you think every child should grow up knowing?

"If at first you don't succeed, try again"

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Medina Sam

Twitter: @mkkidsinteriors


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