Friday, 11 November 2016

Penelope B Interview

What have you been up to from the last time we talked?
OMG! So much! I've helped kids in a Philadelphia orphanage, worked a lot which I love doing too!

When do you feel you have worked hard?
I feel I work the hardest at school. I have to do really good in school. Because it's important and because I don't want to stop acting and dancing. Good grades are important.

What do you think is your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement is getting people together to help kids. It's not easy but it is I guess because I'm a kid and people are inspired by what I want to do when I want to help kids. I love that!

You inspire people, so what advice could you give to other kids?
My advice to other kids is to dream big and always believe in yourself. Not everyone is going to be happy for you but that's ok. We are all different and that's ok too because we all have a purpose in life. Never change who you are and always be a good person. Never give up and follow your journey. 

Tell us more about your new collection: ‘self-love’ 
My new collection is based on loving yourself. Even when you don't feel your at your best it's ok you should still love yourself and feel good about you. So it's to inspire kids and especially girls little and my age that you have to love yourself no matter what. 

Why this idea to make a collection?
Well when I was 8 and sometimes still. I'd get bullied. But when I was younger it was really bad because I didn't understand why kids would be mean. So many kids get hurt by other kids in social media, school and stuff. I wanted to make shirts to inspire kindness and love. My parents are awesome and talk to me a lot but not every kid has that or they are scared to say something. They shouldn't be. It's good to express your feelings so others can help. Making shirts helped me feel better. I know it's not my fault that kids want to be mean. Hopefully my shirts help kids that wear them and read them. 

You have a big heart and are doing amazing work helping kids. How is that going?
Awe thank you!!! I really love it! In May 2016 I started a drive that helped girls in an orphanage. I had a box in my school and my church, City Reach Philly. Kids Helping Kids by PenelopeB Collected over 500 things for this drive! Some of the young kids have babies and a lot of the things collected helped babies and their moms. I'm planning to do something in the winter. This makes me really happy. Like sometimes I hear the stories or see kids that have less than me and it makes me so sad I just want to cry. 

Has creating collections to help people always been your dream or are there more projects we can await? 
The collection was inspired by my bullies. It wasn't planned but I'm so happy I did it. I get emails from girls that are even older than me that are inspired and love my message. I'm glad my parents support me and all of the moms and teens that buy them too.  Thank you everybody!!! I don't know what's going to happen but I want to grow up and always help people. It's a nice feeling.

I do have a project that's on hold. Only because I've been working and stuff. But yes!! Hopefully soon and I have an awesome director that offered to help me.

Do you want to do something in connection with ballet?
I love ballet, I haven't thought about any projects yet. But who knows (smiles)

What age do you look forward to – and why?
16!!! I can't wait to get a car (giggles)

What’s next for Penelope B?
I don't know. I hope to continue to help kids, work on my project and continue working in modeling, acting and commercials. 

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