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Isossy Children meets Bisi Osundeko, Founder of Joy and Joe Baby Wraps

Isossy Children loves inspirational stories, particularly when it comes to products for babies and children. Joy and Joe baby wraps has a wonderfully inspirational story that starts with cuddles. Everyone deserves cuddles. Read this lovely interview with Bisi Osundeko and be inspired! We think our Isossy Babies would love these! 

What inspired you to start your business? My experience with my children inspired me to start my business. I observed how cuddles and carrying helped my children to recuperate faster when they were unwell as babies after birth. During the early stages of business, some of the lovely emails I received from mothers who had used my wraps was very encouraging and I wanted to do more to positively impact families all around the world. Also, I particularly wanted to be 100% involved in bringing my children up so the model of a strict 9-5 job didn’t appeal to me, I naturally deflected to entrepreneurship after graduating from the university based on these reasons.

What have been your favourite client experiences? I’ve been very privileged to have lots of lovely experiences with my customer but one particularly one stands out. I was at one of the baby shows exhibiting my wraps and there was a chance for mothers to try our wraps on. One of the mums who tried our wrap on was apparently a new mum and she had never used our wraps before. So when she carried her baby in our wrap, she was so surprised as to how comfortable it felt that she started crying and we were initially worried as to why she was crying. She then explained to us that it was tears of joy and that since the day she brought her baby home from the hospital, she struggled to get hands free and hold her baby at the same time. She told that the difference was so clear in terms of how comfortable she felt in our wrap. We usually sell our wraps via our website so we rarely see our customers face to face, it felt so nice for us to see firsthand how mothers new to wrapping receive our products.

What advice would you give to someone starting up in your industry? My advice for anyone starting up in the babywearing industry will be that you should approach your business with a desire to help parents (customers) first and foremost before the desire to make money because only will success follow. Also, there has been an influx of counterfeit carriers recently on the market so it is very important for you to ensure that a high standard of due diligence is adhered to in order to set you apart from the others. Such standards are your insurance, laboratory testing and customer testing where you send sample of your product around for real parents to use and give you their feedback.

What are your long term goals? Our long term goals are to hopefully make our products more mainstream by entering into the high street market. We will love to have shops where our customers can come in to try our wraps before the buy. Most of the high street carriers are quiet uncomfortable for parents because of their structured construction and some parents have expressed the desire to see natural products like ours in Mothercare shops to widen the range of options available for them. Our products are not mass produced right now so the mothercare model isn’t feasible for us but we are hoping to widen our production here in the UK to cater for that in future.

Isossy Children celebrates diversity through global clothing for children. Why do you think diversity matters for every generation?
Today’s world around us is dynamic mix of different cultures, ages, races, lifestyles, genders and more. Diversity matters for every generation because it is about how receptive people are to new ideas whilst acknowledging similarities and differences which subsequently enables people to unlock their potential so they achieve their aspirations

What words of wisdom do you think every child should grow up knowing?

I think every child should grow up knowing that they are capable of achieving whatever they set their minds to do. Also that whatever they are very passionate about as they grow up could be a calling rather than something random. Talents can be anything even outside academics. So even if a child doesn’t fit the mould of a bright child, there will be something this child is particularly passionate about. Those strengths in a child should be well nurtured to ensure that that child achieve his/her potentials in life.


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