Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Amanda Rabor to judge The Little Hands #amazingaprons competition

Over the summer and last term the students at Little Hands Design have been beavering away on the latest #LHD competition; #amazingaprons.
Did you know that the Apron was traditionally the first garment you made when you learnt to sew? This competition has been the most popular to date, and is one that was easily applied by all ages. It was their mission to design & make an AMAZING APRON!

Attend the LHD OPEN HOUSE PARTY for past, present and future Little Handers and their family, neighbours and anyone who wants to find out about the #LHD community!!!

Join their FREE present making workshop or support their bursary scheme by purchasing some great designs & make kits on offer.
Have a drink, eat some cake and join in to applaud the winners of the #amazingaprons DESIGN COMPETITON. Amanda Rabor from label Isossy Children (www.isossychildren.com) as the guest judge of honor. 

OPEN HOUSE PARTY at Little Hands Design Studios

13th of December 2014, from 5-7pm

67 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5AU


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