Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I Am Possible with Child Entrepreneur Gabrielle Goodwin of GaBBY Bows

“I Am Possible” is about the unification of our passion, style and individuality; empowering each and every child to say 'I Am Possible'. In this interview we profile Child entrepreneur, Gabrielle Goodwin of GaBBY Bows who has been making waves across The USA.

What inspires you?
My goals inspire me because they make me work hard. God also inspires me because He gives me faith to work hard. My family and friends also inspire me because they support me.

What are your dreams for the future?
My dreams are to be in a lot of stores around the world.  My other dream is to have more colors, designs, and GaBBY bows with ribbons and a crafting kit so you can make your own bows. Another dream is to have more bullying prevention playdates with childrens’ shelters around the U.S.A.

GaBBY Bows at Walgreens

Who is your role model and why?
My role model is my mom because she is smart. She is confident. And she thinks outside the box when things look hard.

Please finish this sentence: I am possible because….
I am possible because I can do all things through Christ.

Why do you like Isossy Children and how does it make you feel when you wear Isossy Children clothes?
I’d love to try Isossy Children one day.

What words of wisdom do you think every child should grow up knowing?
My words of wisdom are to persevere and never give up. Obstacles will be in your way, and you will have to never give up to go through them.

GaBBY Bows! 

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