Friday, 11 September 2015

Isossy Children Meets Kennedy Hall

Isossy Children has always been impressed by the professionalism of this young superstar! Kennedy Hall was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, and resides in the Washington, DC metro area where she has been going from strength to strength and taking Isossy Children with her.

Read this interview and be inspired.

What have I been up to?
How much time do you have…LOL! I previewed my new clothing line, Dopenerd, in Miami in April 2015. I officially launched the clothing line in Atlanta, GA on June 20, 2015. The launch opened with an Invitation Only Dopenerd All White Party. It was amazing! I’m getting my marketing and promotions in order to push my line into the mainstream. I want my brand to be a household name like Polo. I am also modeling, and my acting career is really taking off! I am working on two features film, completed a Web Series, and completed segment on Kidz Couch. I am leaving for Los Angeles in two days for dance, acting and vocal lessons

Give us 5 Tips on how you do what you do?
1)      My parents support me 110%
2)      Use social media to expose my brand
3)      Establish relationships with like-minded people
4)      Always do my homework and get good grades
5)      Be willing to work hard

What do you love doing the best?
I love to draw so I would say fashion designing is what I enjoy the most. I love to sing and dance!

Have you met anyone famous?
Yes, I have met several famous people. I attended the Annie premiere in New York City. I met Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhane Wallis, Eden Duncan Smith, Will Smith and Megan Goode. I met Lil Romeo in California. I met KeKe Palmer at Cinderella on Broadway (NYC)

What have you learnt?
I have learned that this business is very hard. I have long days sometimes, and I travel a lot. I have met some wonderful people along the way, and I enjoy what I do. I have learned that I will not get every part I audition for, but I don’t let it upset me. I know I am learning and getting better everytime I audition.

Do you feel you have to work hard?
Yes, I have to work very hard.  I live in Washington, DC, but I travel to New York all the time which is a 4 hour car drive. I attend a lot of acting and dance classes. I attend the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles in the summer time, and I attend acting classes in New York and Los Angeles.

Who recognized my talent?
My mom was the 1st person to recognize my talent.  I started modeling 1st, and then I branched off into singing and acting. My mom took me to see Cinderella on Broadway starring Keke Palmer, and I caught the “acting bug. I fell in love with musical theater.

Who’s your role model?
My mom, definitely. She works hard, and teaches me that I can do anything I want to do. 

What tip would you give to budding talents out there?
My tip would be “don’t give up”. Do not get discouraged if someone says No at an audition or casting.  Just know that you are perfecting your craft for your big break.  Every huge star that made it was told “NO” by someone, even Beyonce!

What do I love about Isossy?
I love Isossy because it is unique. I love how Isossy embraces the culture, and create showstopping designs. I love the Isossy “I am Possible” campaign.  Isossy is Me, I live, love Isossy!!

Find out more about Kennedy:

Instagram: @kennedystarrchild
Facebook: @Kennedy Hall
Twitter:  @Kennedystar01

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