Friday, 9 October 2015

I Am Possible with Seattle Renay

Seattle Renay modeled for us at the 'There's A Hope Foundation' in April and she caused a storm. We wanted to ask her a few questions to find out more about who she is and her vision for the future.

Seattle is wearing Isossy Children'Angel Rock Dress
Seattle wears Isossy Children Angel Princess Dress

We see you as a role model for many kids who have talent and want to break into this very competitive industry. Simple question, how did you do it? (Tips, tell us a bit of detail about how you got started and then landed the biggest job you've had.)

When I was 3 years old my mom wanted to take pictures for my birthday. My mom and the photographer saw that I did really good, and as I got older and older I kept modeling. My biggest job was in Atlanta modeling for Isossy with Mrs. Kahran and Mr. Reggie. I started modeling for Isossy because of my personality. 

You have the Seattle Renay Foundation...can you tell us what work you do through the Foundation?

I raise money to give out school uniforms for grown ups who don’t have any money. 

You are a busy 7yr old, how do you manage your schedule?

My mommy drives me around and pays for everything.

As a 7yr old business person what does hard work mean to you?

Hard works means trying your best and trying your best means working hard and giving your all.

What motivates you?

Happiness, having fun, people being proud of me, and being the best are the things that motivates me.

Do you have a role model?

Yes, my role models are my dance teach Ms. Tiki and dance captain Surya.

What tip would you share with budding talents out there?

Tell your mom about what you want to do and how you feel about it. Then when you do it try your best.

Is there a special event or moment that you will never forget?

I will never forget when I was bullied. I was doing my first pageant and the other girls were saying my dress couldn’t spin around but it could spin around just not big like their dress. It made me feel sad and not happy. So I started crying and told my mom. She had them to apologize to me and they said “sorry” so I felt happy.

Isossy Children is global clothing for kids. You rocked the Angel collection and looked like a little 'Queen of Sheba' (the red and bronze dress). How did it feel wearing African and Asian prints?

Yes honey! Good! I felt good when I wore that dress and it made me feel like a Queen to a King! Like on Coming to America.

As our West Coast Brand Ambassador, what message will you be spreading about Isossy Children?

I would tell people that Isossy has nice clothes and they want kids to be happy and beautiful.

Seattle, Isossy Children salutes you!!

Connect with Seattle:
Twitter: @SeattleRenay
Insatgram: @seattlerenay

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