Thursday, 5 November 2015

I AM Possible with Savannah Luy AKA Fashion My Size

Isossy Children is proud to launch The “I Am Possible” campaign, for its Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. “I Am Possible” is about the unification of our passion, style and individuality; empowering each and every child to say 'I Am Possible'.

Savannah is a model and kids fashion blogger. Her blog post features her style and fashion finds that work with her small size. 
Savannah in Isossy Children

What inspires you?

What inspires me is the great opportunities there are in life. I like to look forward to the future. 

What are your dreams for the future?
My dreams for the future have always included something to do with fashion. I love to write and I also love to style. Another thing, is to do something medical. But no matter what happens, I know I want to be able to help people. 

Who is your role model and why?
My role model is my mom. My mom is hardworking and it motivates me to do be just as good as her if not better. 

Please finish this sentence: I am possible because….
I have a passion for all the small things in life. There’s nothing better than being happy and loving what you do. 
Savannah in Angel Princess Dress

Why do you like Isossy Children and how does it make you feel when you wear Isossy Children clothes?
I like Isossy Children because their pieces are unique in a beautiful way. I feel one of a kind when wearing their clothes.

What words of wisdom do you think every child should grow up knowing?
I think every child should grow up knowing to believe in themselves and that no one should tell them otherwise. Focus on your dreams, and work hard to get there.

Contact Details
Twitter - @fashion_my_size
Instagram - @fashion_my_size
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