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I AM POSSIBLE with Kieyen Shiloh Iloyi

“I Am Possible” is about the unification of our passion, style and individuality; empowering each and every child to say 'I Am Possible'. In this interview we meet the talented Kieyen Shiloh Iloyi a 10 year old Rapper and producer.

"Kieyen as a baby was showing clear signs of being musically gifted and being able to memorise information with ease. He was on YouTube from age 1 when as parents we decided to share some of his baby rapping with the world. We knew that he had a very special gift and that we were responsible to recognise and to nurture every possibility for his growth. Being musicians already we involved him and his brothers in everything possible which built our bond and gave them confidence at a very young age. We never looked at Kieyen's age always at his potential and possibility." - Kieyen's Proud Parents

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Kieyen is the youngest producer on the biggest UK hip hop website JumpOffTV, he was featured age 7 as Britain's next big producer. He released his first official single and music video aged 8. He also started a T- Shirt line called 'I get A's' to accompany his single to inspire young children which saw Kieyen featured in major press, magazines and newspapers such as The Voice. Kieyen along with his brothers were the youngest artists to grace the BEFFTA Award stage as well as win a young achievers award. Kieyen also has his own documentary called 'Lyrics from the Womb', and is working on his official EP which will be out this Christmas. 

You are a role model for many kids who have talent and want to break into this very competitive industry. Simple question, how did you do it? I feel my parents gave me the opportunity to be creative freely and be my own success. I know I was born to do this and feel like a champion but it would not have been possible without my parents knowing I needed them to help guide my journey.  

What inspires you?  
My parents inspire me because they are always encouraging me, they believe in me and have given me the power to succeed. I am able to see success through them, faith, determination, love and confidence that anything is possible. I call myself a King, this affects how I carry myself and always gives me vision and inspiration to be my best. I feel inspired by myself too because I work hard to achieve my goals and have a lot of confidence when I perform, I am so proud of what I have accomplished so far. 

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What's been your most exciting moment? 
My most exciting moment has been winning a young achievers award at BEFFTA 2014. It was so much fun and I was excited about my experience. It was a surprise as well as I did not know I was going to receive this award. 

Who recognised your talent?  
My parents. They saw a gift in me as a baby, they valued and developed my gifts. They have always given me the best opportunities and never limited me because of my age, they gave me guidance and have always been my biggest support to move me forward.  

Who's your role model? 
My parents are my role models they really are my biggest inspiration.   Watching them is powerful and gives me joy, they are courageous and never give up. I learn from them. They love me so much and they respect me.  

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What words of wisdom do you think every child should grow up knowing?  
That they are special and unique, that they are little Kings and Queens, that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, also that they should not worry about what others think and always be themselves. I believe every child can do anything at any age and can be a leader. 

You’ve already achieved a lot but what would you like to do when you grow up?  
I would like to continue being a musician because I feel I can use my gift to speak to others about life, I plan to work on being the best at my craft.  As a producer I want to create many different sounds and learn about cultural music. Kreative King production is the name I have given to my growing collection of beats. I am also a football player, I plan to continue working hard on my skills and other attributes. One of my main goals in my life is to become a successful person inside and outside, live a happy life and make my family proud. 

Please finish this sentence: I am possible because...
I work hard, reach for my goals and believe in myself. 

Isossy Children salutes you. 

You can watch his documentary 'Lyrics From The Womb' below:

Find out more about Kieyen and his family:


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