Friday, 18 December 2015

I Am Possible with...Kaitlyn Brown

Isossy Children is proud to launch The “I Am Possible” campaign, for its
Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. “I Am Possible” is about the unification of our
passion, style and individuality; empowering each and every child to say 'I Am

What inspires you? 
My mom, God and  I am inspired by achieving my goals

What are your dreams for the future? 
My dreams are to go to college, travel the world and to see my modeling career soar.

Who is your role model and why? 
Taylor Swift and Dove Cameron because they both achieved their dreams while they were young, and Taylor Swift has donated lots of money to children with illnesses.

Please finish this sentence: I am possible because…. 
I am possible because my God stands in front of me and my mom stands behind me. I am possible because of my family and  fans who cheer me on and tell me I can do anything through Christ.

Why do you like Isossy Children and how does it make you feel when you wear
Isossy Children clothes? 
I like Isossy because the style is just that , my style, its something that would catch my eye on the clothes rack and when I wear Isossy clothing I feel more confident in knowing that I look fabulous.

What words of wisdom do you think every child should grow up knowing? 
Every child should know they are loved by God, they should know despite how many tell them its not possible, it is possible if you work hard and never give up.

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