Friday, 12 April 2013

Isossy Children meets Toys for Africa

In this blog interview we learn more about an amazing charity called “Toys for Africa” which has a mission to hand a new toy to every underprivileged child in South Africa and later the whole continent of Africa. They recently passed 76 000 children that have benefited from their work.

What inspired you to start your business?
Poverty in South Africa is very high and we know that children suffer silently when their parents struggle. Children need toys for so many reasons and their development on social, physical, emotional and mental levels depend on toys. 

What have been your favourite client experiences?
Seeing each and every smile that we get for delivering new toys to underprivileged children. We recently passed 76 000 children met through our work and every smile is a favourite.

What advice would you give to someone starting up in your industry?
Make sure it is your passion. As working for long hours does become tiring if you do not love every second of what you do.

What are your long term goals?
We would like to reach 17 million children with new toys. And we would like to build a manufacturing plant and start building and creating our own toys.

Isossy Children celebrates diversity through global clothing for children. Why do you think diversity matters for every generation?
Every single person differs from the next. Diversity I believe is something that makes you belong, as strange as that may sound. In South Africa we have diversity like nowhere else in the world and that is what makes us all work and stick together. Different parts of 1 team.

What words of wisdom do you think every child should grow up knowing?
As a child you have the potential to dream big without the realisation of limitations. Keep dreaming and believing.

Contact Details and to make a donation
Danie van Loggerenberg

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