Monday, 8 April 2013

Isossy Children Newsflash: OPEN CALL FOR TWEEN BLOGGERS

Isossy Children is looking for Tween Bloggers to work with!

A little bit about Isossy Children
We use African, Asian and Western influences in our collections. That's our thing. We want to break down the cultural barriers which exist and really create collections that EVERYONE and we mean EVERYONE can wear.

This starts with you guys.

We want to talk about diversity and what it means to you. To give ideas, you can make a short film where you might ask the question to your friends whilst they wear our clothes or you could film yourself.

You can create your own little Photoshoot using your mobile phone with the clothes if you get through. What we're saying is that you can be really be creative with this.

This won't be a one off thing either. We value your loyalty and voice and as we grow as a label we will remain loyal to you.

Initially, we're going to choose bloggers who answer this question best. Isossy Children celebrates diversity through global clothing for children. ' What does diversity mean to you?'
No more than 100 words.

We'll choose one person per month to start with who will then do a written review with images (and any additional other creative review ideas would be welcome). The plan is to take this around the world naturally as we are global clothing for kids but starting in the UK.

Do I get to keep the clothes?
At this time you don't. We'll ask you to return them to us. For this to work we will need to keep them circulating so please treat them with love and care and we will cover the costs of shipping so you will not be out of pocket!

Parental consent
Yes, we will need your parents to consent your entry into this competition and approve of everything you do if you get through. Please copy them into all emails. Remember, #parentsrule.

Remember to enter, email the below question.

Isossy Children celebrates diversity through global clothing for
children.  ' What does diversity mean to you?'

No more than 100 words.
Deadline is ongoing until further notice.

We look forward to hearing you and let me know if you're interested in taking part.

All the best and let's blog.

Lots of warmth and empowerment from
Amanda Rabor
Owner and designer


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