Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Watch The Moment Our Founder's Son Asked President Barack Obama A Question About Legacy

Elijah Rabor-Bell, Amanda Rabor's son recently had the amazing opportunity to be part of an audience with President Obama. Click here for the moment (29:40) which President Obama selected Elijah to speak and watch the full video here:

"So today I had the amazing opportunity of personally asking President Obama a question about his thoughts on his legacy. A significant historical figure not just as a president but as the first black president.
Naturally he's not quite ready to think about that as he still has 8 months to go and he made jokes about it.
So grateful to YLUK for giving me this opportunity. And kudos to Obama for not forgetting me.
His response was everything I wanted to know about and more. He touched on his healthcare, averting a Great Depression, Ebola, Civil Rights and how long it takes to effect generational change.
I think the best message was one about keeping integrity and authenticity throughout.
Truly a #momentforlife.
Thank You #YLUK #BBC #Channel4 #LindleyHall #PresidentObama" Elijah Rabor-Bell



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